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 Certified and fully-insured expert Arborist's, servicing Margaret River and the SouthWest region. Your local and professional Arborists!



Services We Provide.

  • Large scale full tree removals

  • Formative and remedial pruning

  • Lateral pruning to clear buildings and infrastructure

  • Weight reduction pruning

  • Canopy thinning (reduce shading and vista view enhancement)

  • Deadwooding

  • Canopy lifting and balancing

  • Large dead and dangerous tree removals

  • Technical dismantles in enclosed areas (Rigging)

  • Height reductions to growth point (View enhancement)

  • Advanced tree felling

  • Fire prevention pruning and tree removal around the home and fire break clearance (BAL rating works)

  • Stump grinding

  • 16 Meter EWP (Cherry picker)

  • Cable bracing

  • Park land clearing

  • Mulching/Chipping (18" Bandit 1390XP Chipper and HINO 6T Truck with 18m3 Bin)

  • Seed collection of tall tree species

  • Drone retrieval

  • Tree health diagnosis
















We can provide you with customised tree maintenance programs specific to your home and garden, or commercial projects.


No Job Too Big Or Small!

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